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Maintenance Database API

The maintenance database query and update service resides on port 5000 of the server. Authentication is done using Grid certificates. Your DN has to be manually added to the grid-mapfile on the server. To test authentication you can execute the following:

curl --cert ~/.globus/certificate:password

It will return either {“authentication” : “succeeded”} or {“authentication” : “failed”} with HTTP codes 200 and 401 respectively, depending whether you provide a valid certificate.

API Documentation

URL Method Description
/downtime GET Will produce a complete list of current downtimes.
/downtime POST Will add a new scheduled downtime to the database. Return it's id.
/downtime/<id> DELETE Delete the record specified by <id>.
/upcoming GET Will return all upcoming downtimes.
/current_and_upcoming GET Will return current and upcoming downtimes.

Data format

        "hostname" : string,
        "start_date" : timestamp,
        "end_date" : timestamp,
        "description" : string


$ curl --cert certificate:password --data "start_date=1234&end_date=4321&description=abcd"
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