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EEE Modules and Conventions

Software dependencies

Software Version
Java Development Kit > 6
Ruby > 2
CMake N/A
libxml2 N/A

Getting Started

The following instructions currently only apply to SuperMUC, however all sites should eventually stick to similar conventions.

Add the ComPat modules directory to the MODULEPATH environment variable by appending the following line to your ~/.bash_profile:

export MODULEPATH=$MODULEPATH:/gpfs/work/pr92ge/di25pul/Modules

Then run module load compat.

Environment Variables

The command below will take you to the shared directory of the ComPat project.


The $COMPAT_SHARED directory is structured as follows:


Available Modules

Use module load name to load the module by name and module help name to see information about that module. Use module unload name to unload the module and undo the changes to the environment.

To see all ComPat modules: module avail compat

Module Description
compat Will load the standard ComPat environment.
compat/common/ruby Ruby
compat/common/muscle2 MUSCLE2
compat/common/amuse AMUSE
compat/common/namd NAMD
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