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Access to PSNC/PLGrid resources

To create an account and to get access to PLGrid infrastructure please follow the procedure below:

Create an account

go the the page. You will be redirected to the log-in page. at the bottom of the log-in page please click “Nie masz konta? Zarejestruj sie” (Don't have an account? Register)

Fill in the questionnaire:

  1. Imie - First name.
  2. Nazwisko - Last name.
  3. Login - The proposed user name. It has to start with “plg” prefix and must have 6-15 letters. It cannot start with “plgrid” string.
  4. Haslo - Password. Min 10 characters, at least 5 different, at least 1 digit, cannot contain first name, last name and login, it must have at least one capital letter and small letter.
  5. Potwierdz haslo - Confirm the password.
  6. Adres e-mail - Email (a real one, a confirmation message will be sent to it).
  7. Telefon - Phone (you can cheat here).
  8. Czy jestes zarejestrowany w bazie Nauka Polska - Are you registered in Polish Science Database - choose “Nie” - No.
  9. Warunki korzystania z Infrastruktury PLGrid - PLGrid usage rules - select “Akceptuje warunki” - (I accept).
  10. Czy jestes Robotem? Are you a robot? - answer according to the real state.

Press “Wyslij formularz rejestracyjny” - Submit a registration form.

Confirm registration

Go to the mailing box you provided during the registration and confirm the registration by clicking the first link in the mail you got

Add affiliation

  1. Login to the using your credentials
  2. Click Afiliacje (Affiliations) on the left site (confirmation of the registration is needed for that)
  3. press Dodaj (Add) button
  4. Dodawanie Afiliacji - Adding affiliation. Aby dodac afiliację wybierz swój status - to add affiliation select your status
  5. Select - Podopieczny pracownika jednostki naukowej - “Charge” (person in someone else care)
  6. Twoj opiekun - your supervisor
    1. Imie - first name - Tomasz
    2. Nazwisko - last name - Piontek
    3. e-mail:
  7. Organizacja naukowa - scientific organization
    1. Jednosta - Unit - Polska Akademia Nauk (Polish Academy of Science). start typing Polska and you should get hint
    2. Press “Dodaj podjednostke” - Add sub-unit
    3. provide Instytut Chemii Bioorganicznej (Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry). Type “Instytut C” to get hint
    4. Strona internetowa (web page) -
    5. Nazwa Afiliacji (name of the affiliation) - PSNC
    6. Dziedzina Nauki - Science domain
    7. Kategoria - Category - select “Nauki inzynieryjne i techniczne”
    8. Podkategoria - subcategory - choose something
    9. Dzial - Department - choose something
  8. “Zaufany agent“ - trusted agent (leave “Nie” - No)
  9. Data Weryfikacji Afiliacji - Affiliation Expiration Data - leave the date proposed by the system. You will be able to prolong it later
  10. Press “Wyslij Afiliacje do weryfikacji” (Send affiliation for verification)

Please send a message to and wait until your affiliation will be confirmed by me. (you should be informed by the mail)

Applying for services

  1. Login again to the on the left side click “Uslugi” (Services)
  2. Press the green button - Zarzadzaj Usługami (Manage Services). You will be redirected to the Applications and Services Catalogue service.
  3. Use the “Szukaj” (Search) Edit to search for “Globalny Dostęp QosCosGrid” (Global Access to QCG)
  4. Apply for QCG by pressing the “Aplikuj” (Apply for) button
  5. IMPORTANT: To have local access to PSNC clusters (optional) please apply also for “Lokalny dostęp do klastrów PCSS”.

Requesting for the certificate (needed to use QCG)

  1. go back to the and click “Certyfikaty” (Certificates) link.
  2. SimpleCA - press “Wygeneruj certificate” - Generate Certificate
  3. Podaj haslo do konta - provide account's password and press “Generuj” (Generate)
  4. Zapisz certyfikat na dysku - save on disk

Requesting for the testing grant

  1. in the on the left side please click “Granty”. (You will be redirected to the Bazaar sytem).
  2. in the Bazaar please select “Granty testowe” (on the left panel, just below “Granty”)
  3. press green button “Wlącz grant testowy” (apply for testing grant).
  4. to make the testing grant the default one please select “Granty”. On the list of grants please click the one which name is “plg<USER><current year><a or b>. On the grant page (top/right corner) click “Ustaw grant jako domyślny” (set grant as default).

Make the compatpsnc2 grant the default one

  1. in the on the left side please select Granty→Moje Granty (Grants→My grants)
  2. find the compatpsnc2 grant on the list and select it
  3. on the grant page in the top-right corner click “Ustaw grant jako domyslny” button (Set as default).


Re-creation of the certificate

Starting from 2017 web browsers will not accept SHA-1 certificates (old type of certificates). Because SimpleCA certificates were SHA-1 all the users (who created their certificates before 1 August 2016) are requested to re-create certificates following the procedure:

  1. go the the PLG portal (
  2. on the left side select “certyfikaty” - certificates
  3. in the “SimpeCA” section press “Usuń” (remove) button
  4. in the same section press “Wygeneruj certyfikat” (Generate certificat) button.
  5. provide password to your plg account (“Podaj haslo do konta) and press Generuj (generate).
  6. store your certificate and upload to browser if you want.

IMPORTANT: The key of the certificate will be encoded with the same password as you have to the PLGrid portal. Previously it was possible to have various passwords for portal and certificate.

Registering certificate in the PLGrid

To register certificate in the PLGrid infrastructure please follow the instruction below:

  1. login to the plgrid portal:
  2. on the left side please choose “Certyfikaty” (certificates) option
  3. go to the section “EUGridPMA” and press the “Zaladuj certyfikat z dysku” (load a certificate from the disk) button
  4. Press “Przegladaj” (Choose) button and select your certificate in p12 format.
  5. Provide password to the package (haslo do paczki) and key (haslo do klucza)
  6. press “Wyslij” (Send).
  7. press “Ustaw jako glowny certyfikat” (set as a main certificate).

Your certificate should be uploaded to the keyfs service and should appear on site.

If you have your certificate as a pair of pem files you can convert them to p12 using the following command:

openssl pkcs12 -export -descert -inkey userkey.pem -in usercert.pem -out usercred.p12 -name “national certificate”



Do not blame us for portal stability and functionality. It was written by Cyfronet team from Cracow.

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