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Users' Manual

Information here should help the users of the Experimental Execution Environment (EEE) of the ComPat project get their applications running.

Getting a grid certificate

In order to use the resources that the ComPat EEE makes available you have to have a grid certificate. Grid certificates bind a cryptographic key to a Distinguished Name (DN) and is used as a way to identify you as a valid computing resource user on all the different sites of the computing grid.

Now for the practical points:

  1. Figure out who is your Grid CA (Certification Authority which will issue your grid certificate) - usually you need to choose the closest CA (see
  2. Request a certificate from the CA
  3. Install that certificate in your browser and in your ~/.globus folder (i.e. .globus folder inside your home directory - also for Windows)

LRZ provides some documentation on certificates (which partly apply to other computing centres as well) on:

Further LRZ information on grid computing, tools (globus toolkit, etc.) and handling which you might find useful:

Site Specific Instructions

Information about ComPat resources

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